Back to school days are fast approaching. There are so many things on our to do list to get our children ready for school – purchasing supplies and school clothes, getting physicals and shot records, registering them for school and sports, etc. When preparing for school, don’t ignore your child’s growing pains. Many children suffer from Pediatric Flatfoot and may not have symptoms.

As they grow, the flatfoot may cause the child:
• Pain, tenderness or cramping in the foot, leg and knee.
• Outward tilting of heel.
• Difficulty with shoes.
• Reduced energy when participating in physical activities or voluntary withdrawal from doing any physical activities, like sports.

Shown are pictures of a flatfoot before and after surgery. If you think your child is suffering from Pediatric Flatfoot, please make an appointment with Mid-South Foot and Ankle Specialist to find the best solution for your child. Call us at 901-309-7700 to make an appointment today.